5 days Self-Exploration
5 Days of Self-Compassion
5 Days of Nurturing, Connecting & Reclaiming Yourself
5 days of Uncovering tools you have within for Guidance and Healing

Externally Seeking Answers & Lost

So often, we find ourselves seeking for answers outside of ourselves.
Allowing ourself to be pulled into the external rush, hectic energy of go-go-go.
Trying to meet the expectations of others, jobs, and social beliefs.

We end up feeling like we are constantly playing catch-up running two steps behind.
We can feel pulled apart, fragmented, unclear, confused, and ungrounded.

Then, the judgement creeps in – “I’m doing it wrong” “I should feel that way”
Which spins us into a deeper whole.


While your Heart, Soul, & Inner Source are Yearning for attention & connection

They are trying to call to you, whispering Wisdom & Guidance


I offer you a 5 day exploration of reconnecting to Yourself, Inner Wisdom, & Intuition.
5 Days of grounding, nourishing, and reconnecting to your own Inner Guidance System.

You will find that by taking the time to slow down and listen …
Listen and caring to all the different parts of yourself with compassion.
Loving each part, just they way it is, and allowing it to fully express itself.

You will transform your relationship with yourself, others, and the world.
Becoming more present to listen to your inner wisdom in essence.

The most profound changes happens in the subtle spaces.

Honor the practice of slowing down & taking the time to explore each invitation. This is to give you the time and space to take in the lessons, play with the exercises, and make them your own. Allowing you to take the time and space to integrate the practice into your being, and not just another added “to do” on your list. The explorations is designed so you blend these practices into your every day moments and activities?

The 5 days will be a blend of meditations, body awareness,  exploration, creative expression, and engagement to help you reconnect to yourself, your own inner wisdom & guidance.

Time To Come Home, Discover Your Own Inner Resources

If this is calling to you, I invite you to come join me.

Reclaiming yourself, and remembering how working from the inside out,

will create the world of joy, spaciousness, and connection that you have been craving.

I invite you to complete the form below and join me.