About Monica

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Gandhi

I absolutely love working with people and helping them become self-empowered. The process is similar to that of watching children learn how to walk for the first time – with each step the child may bobble and wiggle as they gain the confidence and comfort in their own body. When I taught high school for six years, I learned the craft of not giving my students all the answers, and instead to give them the skills to find their own answers and inner truths. Teaching my students to learn without me is my goal, so that they start trusting their own self-refection, body cues, and inner guidance.

I truly believe that the body holds the key to deeper self-awareness and healing. The body is present for each and every moment in our lives – the joys, the pains, the fears, and excitement. The body never lies while the mind has the skills of justification, intellectualization, denial, and the like – that’s the mind’s job. Meanwhile, the body responds in the only way it knows how – authentically. I believe that by working with the body cues, a person can become more aware of his/her emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. These cues can be as simple as the breath, body posture, or body tension. All these are tools to work with, question, and explore.

So who am I:

At a young age, I would have strangers come up to me, look at me, and tell me “you’re an old soul.” As kid, I never really knew what to do with that; and it wasn’t until I was an adult, that I started to appreciate the lifetime of experiences others recognized.

I bring together all the aspects of herself – Teacher, Intuitive, Shamanic White Buffalo Woman, Embodied Mystic, and Earthy Mamma – to guide others on how to transform themselves, help them align with their true purpose, manifest abundance in their lives, and serve their community.

I hold space for these beautiful souls with conscious love and grace, playful curiosity, and warm compassion. I guide them to realize their vision of becoming empowered spiritual embodied beings and world-changers.

I am a hodge podge:

an intuit, an empath, an elder, a priestess, a visionary, a teacher, a student, a human, a boxer, a girl, a diviner, a healer, a therapist, a counselor, a compassionate heart, a sacred witness, a holder of space, a creator of safe space, a dreamer, a hard worker, a tenacious believer

I am all of these things, and nothing at all. These are labels, terms, identities that reflect the qualities of those I work with, of colleagues, of teachers, of kindred spirits, of inspirational tribesmen. I am a mirror for them as much as each individual is a mirror for me, we reflect each other’s nature and support one another with full acceptance and understanding.

Along with each light quality, also comes the shadow as well; and the shadow is to be embraced and equally recognized. Our shadows are the parts of ourselves that we told ourselves were shameful, embarrassing, not allowed. You can only stuff so much in that jar before it starts oozing back out again.

I earned my Masters in Holistic Psychology, and that has deepened my understanding of the body mind connection and how one, body or mind, informs the other in a constant moving dynamic. To further my studies of the body, mind and spirit, I completed my Doctoral Degree in East West Psychology, with a specialization in Somatic Psychology at CIIS in San Francisco. My research focused on transforming complex trauma through spiritual embodied practices.