Returning to Integrative Wholeness

My work is a fusion of Somatic Awareness, CranioSacral Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology,  Quantum Dimensional Healing, and Intuitive Guidance.

I found my love with CranioSacral work (CST). To me, CST is an essential way of being as a practitioner. Somatic Therapy, CST, & Quantum healing follow the body with no agenda, supports the individuals own inner intelligence to healing. As a therapist, I honor the person’s and his own innate wisdom. When needed, I act as that loving resistance to push up against.

On a physical level, Somatic Awareness, CST, & Quantum Healing optimizes the central nervous system that help support your brain and spinal chord that signals to the entire body. It helps release restrictions from emotional or physical traumas, injuries, or illnesses. The intention is to help the body relax so it can use its innate ability to heal itself. The body has the capacity to let go of trauma, to heal, and to eventually normalize so that your quality of life is increased significantly.

What does that mean? Why is the central nervous system so important? Your brain is the hard drive and the nervous are the circuits communicating to the entire body. With CranioSacral Therapy, the nervous system is supported and given space to heal, unwind, rewire, and regenerate.

On the emotional and energetic levels, Somatic Awareness, CST, and Quantum Healing help to bring our being-ness into integration. Instead of functioning as separate fragmented pieces, we become whole again – spiritually embodied consciousness in the flesh and blood.