“The massage was organic, and tailored to the aches and pains that I was actually experiencing. Your attention was thorough in scope and deep when needed. At the same time, your manner as a therapist is very empathic and nurturing. You paid attention, and interacted with my life and emotional states appropriately and comfortingly. You presented me with a clear picture of myself and your understanding of me. I was and am impressed with the food for thought you gave me regarding the intersections of my physical and emotional challenges, like that to do with my armored left shoulder and heart.”

– I. S.


“I call Monica “Miracle Monica”. I was having problems with my hip abductors. After my first session with MM I was able to do leg lifts with no pain. I’ve had massages for many years and an hour is usually all I can tolerate.  With MM an hour and a half flies by and leaves me feeling healed spiritually and physically. The work she does is gentle, persistent, and thorough.  I recommend her to friends and acquaintances because I have confidence her healing work is suitable for everyone.”

– V. O.


“As I am an acupuncturist and bodyworker for 27 years I am quite particular about the bodywork that I have received. Monica is one of the most gifted bodyworkers who has worked on me. I find her work intuitive, conscientious, caring, and always appropriate for my needs. Monica has seen me through two surgeries on my shoulder and has made a significant difference in my healing.”

– C. L.


“Monica was able to not only help me relax and feel more balanced she was able to help me see my own somatic responses when I started to get back into my story.  This information helped me to notice when my body was getting out of balance and I was able to help myself relax.”

– B. M.


” Embraced in Clarifying Love. My session with Monica was nourishing, relaxing, and insightful. I had cut my thumb and there was swelling and numbness before the session. With Monica’s help, I released the emotional trauma from the accident, which released the physical holding and now my thumb is healing splendidly. Thank you for your intuitive, gentle yet direct engagement with my body mind. It will continue to be a part of my path of awakening.”

– E. A.


“Monica really heard my needs. I was in 2 car accidents in a short period of time. I was holding a lot of tension and was in a great deal of pain when I saw her. She is such a gifted body worker and so intuitive. It was a lovely hour out of my usual life having someone take such special care of me.”

– R. F.


“Monica’s work gives me the most relief and longest lasting improvement of any therapy I’ve tried. She is an intuitive, talented, and highly trained healer. Her integrated approach benefits my body through lasting pain relief and mind through reduced stress and improved clarity. I credit Monica with enhancing my well-being, and giving me the gift of living without chronic “aches and pains” for the first time in years. Her work is a gift. I highly recommend her.

– M. K.