When we are out of alignment with our natural energetic makeup and authenticity,               the not so fun experiences begin to occur and block our ability to be in relationships, find joy and relief, manifest abundance, resources, or even clients.

Maybe you’re having difficulty processing information.
Perhaps you feel stuck, confused, exhausted, or frustrated.
Or any combination or mixtures of above.

You’re using all the tools you’ve been taught – therapy, bodywork, yoga, meditation, Drama therapy, Shamanic healing, energy healing and then some …

But they don’t seem to be working or helping. Memories, the reactive responses, the patterns  continue to return even though you thought you healed it and got over it.

They still return.

I see you. I hear you.
I witness you, and am right here with you.

I’d like to offer you a different way to transformation


It’s not about fixing anything.
Nor pushing through and forcing change to be “normal.”

It’s about learning how to witness the part of yourself that has been wounded.

Repair the relationship with yourself
Creating healthy and safe boundaries
Engage with dialog and curiosity
Learning how to engage with the world differently that nourishes you.

We will connect with those parts of ourselves that are in conflict and trying to be heard, giving them voice and building a relationship with all the parts of us to bring us into harmony.

Our work together will be a blend of:

Embodied Mindfulness
Quantum Healing
Spiritual Guidance
Energy Work

Working from the inside out – we work with body, spirit, & mind to communicate with our inner selves and follow the path to healing and transformation.

On the other side, there is acceptance and peace.

Transformation leads to the path of ease, flow, and grace.

You can move through the world with wonder, curiosity, and awe again.

You’re invited to transform – are you ready?

Our work together will be a blend of intuition, embodied mindfulness, quantum healing, energy work, and spiritual guidance.
Working from the inside out – we work with body, spirit, & mind to communicate with our inner selves and follow the path to healing and transformation.

  • 60 minute session together (remote or in person)
  • Email follow up
  • Recorded of our Session
  • Personalized practices for you to embody and integrate the work further
  • 7 days following the session of support from me via email, messaging, or Voxer

Your investment and exchange of $200 

If this calls to you, please click on the “Buy Now” button below to submit a payment.

Then you will receive a calendar link to set up our time together.

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If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Monica@MonicaMartin.org