Everyone has experienced high stress situations in a single moment or over periods of time. Think of a time when you were startled or surprised, and remember how your body reacted – perhaps your shoulders raised up, your breath stopped, or your back tightened up? When we have emotions, our body reacts. Sometimes even though we are no longer scared or when the stress is continuous, our body remains in that startled or tightened position.

Unprocessed stresses are held within the body affecting mental, emotional, and physical function and wellbeing. I use the body to read the stresses held within and help the person to release the old injuries, wounds, and stress. This allows the body to rebalance with the mind, and become more present together in the moment. In my work, inner peace and harmony is achieved through the release of old patterns held within our bodies. I accomplish this through a unique process that draws on many disciplines and practices. I use whatever tools are needed in the moment to enable the individuals processing their own stress. Some of the techniques I use are bodywork, holistic psychology, mindfulness, and CranioSacral therapy. My work helps release restrictions from emotional or physical traumas, injuries, or illnesses. The intention is to help the body relax so it can use its innate ability to heal itself. The body has the capacity to let go of trauma, to heal, and to eventually normalize so that your quality of life is increased significantly.

What does that mean? Why is the central nervous system so important? Your brain is the hard drive and the nervous are the circuits communicating to the entire body. With CranioSacral Therapy, the nervous system is supported and given space to heal, unwind, rewire, and regenerate.



What exactly do I do:

I dance with you. We ebb and flow, while I hold space for what needs to happen in that specific moment. This may mean conversation, or body work (if local), psychological work, energy work, spiritual divining, or intuiting. My goal is to work with you to teach you how to listen to your own wisdom, and to give you your own tools back.

I once read that “A great teacher has always been measured by the number of his students who have surpassed him.” A great teacher does not give his/her students the answers, but instead the ability to find their answers on their own.

Who are the ones meant to work with me:

The ones who are searching for this kind of work.

The ones who are ready to step forward and truly shed the circular patterns of the ego and story.

The ones who really want a change and something different in his/her life.

The ones who are ready to do the internal work and heal the old wounding of the past.

The ones who have the courage to be fiercely and mercifully honest with themselves with a much needed compassionate heart.