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     I remember growing up and students were primarily categorized into two categories – audio or visual learners.

     This, I was told when I was younger, that a person is either an audio (hearing) or visual (seeing) learner.

     Guess what?!? There’s 9 – yep, folks, 7 other ways to learn (if not more):

     *** Visual, Aural, Verbal, Physical, Logical, Motive, Imaginative Thinking, Oratory, Social, Solitary ***

     We are multidimensional, muli-sensory folks who learn with our whole system.

     It’s more than just learning styles, it’s how we engage with the world.

     It’s how we process information.

     It’s how we integrate spirit, mind, and body – all harmonizing.

     And why is this fun fact and important one to know?

     Because when you’re working with your clients; each person may take in information differently then how you’re presenting it to them.

     Helping support them learn, grow, and transform – is a win / win. They starting succeeding and will be so grateful that you showed them the door and how to open it. And, they refer and rave about your work together.

     You’re there to help your clients remove their blocks, and by discovering how they learn is one of the biggest blocks.

     Think about the all the big daunting tech stuff out there … the scary monster for most …

     And then, that magical moment when you find someone who teaches you in a way that is so clear and simple, you get a site up in minutes (well, maybe not, but you get the idea). You found the right match – how you learn with someone teaching it in that way.

     Once you know what works for you & you can tap into that “Ohhhhhh, I get it now” the rest of the details, information, and content come with ease.

     And guess what – the more you can adapt and support different learning styles, the more you can support your clients to success.

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