Love, only love.

We come from love, and to pure love we return.

What happens in between? … that’s our journey …

All morning long I kept hearing LOVE.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been active in groups, engaging with others, creating content and materials… doing, a lot of doing. It all started with excitement, love of creation, desires to teach and share.

However, the last couple of days, I’ve found myself lately so disconnected and tired. I’ve noticed LOVE shift to fear:

“I’m not going to launch on time.”

“I’m not as good as so and so.”

“They are doing better than me, I need to do more”

“No one is going to engage.”

In getting so caught up in the external engagement, I abandoned myself, and forgot to give myself the same Love and attention.

I remembered the safety video on an airplane – put the air mask on yourself before you help others. Otherwise, you can’t really be of service and help others if you’re weak, can’t see, reacting instead of engaging.

So, I remembered to start with myself first today.

I chucked my to do list, and I started the morning with authentic movement and then a meditation. Authentic movement (for those not familiar with it) is allowing the body to do and move however it needs to – NOT what the mind thinks should happen, but what the body needs. It’s a practice of allowing, allowing the body to do what it needs to do – stretch, move, twist, torque. And then … I nestle into stillness, surrender of dumping and letting go. I imagine a chord attached to my tailbone and releasing energy into the earth.

And … in the quite stillness of my meditation this morning,

LOVE, only LOVE.


Then whoosh – inspiration, clarity, alignment, energy.

I see and hear messages to share with others. Inspiration to pass on to the community with Joy and Love.

All when I choose love, all unfolds beautifully


Is this motivated by love or fear?

LOVE, Mon, choose LOVE …