Tomorrow at 10:39am is the New Moon in Scorpio
In a nutshell: Scorpio’s role is to shine light where there is none; to explore unknown and unconscious terrain with intense willingness and conviction for truth on the path to light and transformation. The nature of the Scorpio energy can feel intense and challenging as it directs us to parts of ourselves we may not be aware of or ready to look at – the unconscious depths and repressed emotions. The memories and emotions, which have been stored away for the right time, will have the change to bubble up to the surface now. These are the pains and wounds which, at the time, were not safe and ready to be processed and released; so they went into dormancy within our bodies until the right moment. Allowing these emotions as well as memories to be felt, expressed, and witnessed without opposition is key to transformation.
The Scorpio is associated with the element of water – flow, movement, & fluidity. Rather than continuing to position yourself in opposition to repressed emotions, to disowned experiences, to denied intuition; consider shifting and flowing with them, and with curiosity see where they take you. Significant to take note, the Scorpio symbol is not just the scorpion but also the Phoenix. The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth, regeneration, and transformation.
As the Scorpio dives down into the deeps of the waters, the Phoenix flies in to facilitate the transformation, and to essentially alchemize the old into something new.
The timing is nothing else than Divine. The veil will be thin not just between life & death but also between the conscious and unconscious. The Scorpio New Moon sets into motion the flow of All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day – October 31, November 1, & November 2, respectively. The edges of the veil will not only be thin, but also will be blurred and bleeding into one another. This is not to say “be on guard” and “watch out” but rather it’s an opportunity of exploration, introspection, and reflection.
There are numerous possibilities you can explore: honor & gratitude, transforming emotions, connecting with intuition, asking for guidance, practicing honest transparency, and developing deeper connections. I feel called to focus on Honor & Gratitude, Asking for Guidance, and Transforming Emotions. 1. HONOR AND GRATITUDE Now is an opportunity to honor ancestors, those who have passed on, spirits, angels, and guardians. You can create an altar, say a prayer, or engage in an act of gratitude towards someone else. With the veil blurred, the possibility for connection between you and those who have passed as well as spirit is even more readily present. 2. ASK FOR GUIDANCE & INSIGHT Again – veil is thin and the opportunity is there to build connection and communication. I personally practice: Thank you (individual, Archangel, etc) for all your love, support, and clear guidance that I can easily understand. Ask for clarity on how to serve and support others. Ask for guidance toward your goals. Ask for ease and flow on your journey. And then step back, and allow them to come. The key is not to be fixed to a set way of how the answers will come. Maybe they will come in a conversation with someone; pop up in a newsfeed; appear to you in a dream; zoom by you on a bumper sticker on a car. Perhaps, it will come as a direct download from intuition. These are just some of the ways spirit communicates with me. The more open I am, the more they will communicate with me. The possibilities are endless. If you are attached to a specific answer or way to receive, you may miss all the other messages and opportunities. Trust and be open to possibilities. TRANSFORMING EMOTIONAL CURRENTS Notice the moments you are reactive? Someone says or does something and immediately your instinct is to lash back with a comment or action. Instead of feeling guilty for those actions, behaviors and responses, accept the invitation to become curious about them. What are they really trying to say? What are they trying to express? Is it fear? Not feeling safe? Not feeling seen? Boundaries being broken? ➢ Feel the emotion coming up. ➢ Where are you feeling this within your body? ➢ Bring your attention to that space (you can even place a hand or two there) and just breathe into it – visualize your breath flowing in through you nose and moving into the place in your body. ➢ Just notice – are there any sensations? Colors? Images? Textures? ➢ Ask: What are you trying to say? What do you want to express? What do you need right now (safety, expression, love, etc)? And, how does it want to receive the need? (You can ask it to be specific or clear. If words aren’t coming, you can ask it to show you.) ➢ Fulfill the need in whatever, however way you are called. When you are triggered, these are your internal conflicts, deepest pains & wounds coming out. It’s an opportunity to really be with them and potentially the opportunity to begin the transformation process. With Deep Love and Gratitude
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