SnoopyA week ago, I increased the intensities of my workouts, and I admit I pushed myself a wee bit too far. As a result, my legs, hip, and back have not been the happiest of campers. Even though I stretched, rested, foam rolled, and soaked, I just couldn’t seem to get my muscles to release. I finally admitted to myself that I needed the support of another body worker to help me. As much as I am accustomed to taking care of things myself, I know this is just pride. For so many of us out there, the one-man band is an extremely familiar role. Yes, we can manage multiple things simultaneously, but we don’t have to manage all on our own. In fact, we’re more successful when we reach out for help.

Support is crucial in growth, healing, connection, and self-care. We all need support, and it’s important to realize that support takes on different forms at different times.

Sometimes I need someone just to listen to me – with no advice or comments on what I could have done instead – and acknowledge that yes, this situation is difficult and hard to manage. Other times, I want a comrade in arms to get their hands dirty and work side by side with me on a project or upcoming workshop. Or, at times, especially when I’m sick and not feeling well, I want to be taken care of – grilled cheese and tomato soup brought to me on a TV tray.

We have so many dimensions that each part of us needs to be taken care of in different ways. I look at my tribe, and am grateful for each and everyone and the diversity 0f help I receive. And, each person is necessary and needed to take care of all my parts. It takes a village …

Support helps us through to the other side of whatever we have to face. I received big news this week that I was accepted into CIIS, California Institute of Integral Studies, and I will be transferring this fall to complete my PhD pursuit. I’m looking forward to being part of a new community of passionate innovators. I am mostly excited about a new set of support groups – academically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.