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Learning style = How you Processes information

Learning style = How you like to engage with the world

Learning style = How spirit and physical integrate and play


NOTE – We are multi-dimensional beings

More than one style occurs and supports us

and these might change for you from time to time.

And, it’s important to know which one(s) do you lean toward.

When you’re learning something new and having difficulty (like a new marketing system, or email automation) try to play with the WAY you’re learning the info.

Starting at the beginning … with yourself.

Also – Great way to re-purpose and offer a variety of full 3-D integration to your content by adjusting the learning style:

“How to Attract Ideal Clients”:

  • educational post
  • guided visualization
  • video teachable tip
  • Imaginative game “if there were no rules, how would you …”
  • Draw what this feels like to you

[and on and on …]

Curious – what did you discover? Something new? Surprising?

Mine in the 90% or higher: Visual, Bodily, Naturalist, & Musical –… I’ll just have to sing more in nature with hands-on exercises while I learn something new.

Here’s a great resource I discover which styles best support you now:

Discover Your Own Fav Learning Styles